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The Ticos

The "Ticos", as Costa Ricans are also known, are famous for being
hospitable people who like to keep up their reputation.

They are polite and hard working and they like to greet people with a smile and a handshake.

Ticos know that their land is special and generally are pleased to help visitors who are lost find their way. Sometimes they even explain things that may seem awkward to foreigners, making their stay the most pleasant it could possibly be.

People say that the Ticos are the nation's best asset and once you have felt their friendliness and spontaneity, you will have no reason to doubt that claim.

An important part of the Costa Rican cultural heritage is the Ticos' love of peace and democracy. Ticos love to emphasize that their nation is the exception in Latin America since the political scene has long been dominated by a democratic system and not by dictators.

Ticos are proud to have more than a century of democratic tradition and that the country has been army-free for more than 50 years. The army was constitutionally abolished in 1948 and the money that the country saves by not having armed forces is invested in improving the Costa Ricans' quality of life. This has contributed to the social peace that makes Costa Rica such a nice place to visit.

San José, Costa Rica's Capital

People from Costa Rica

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TEL: (506) 2290-1921 -2290-1293

P.O. Box 963-1007

Sabana Norte 100 meters North and 25 meters east of Torre La Sabana.

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