Become an associate

Benefits of be a Proimagen’s member

1. Participate in international promotional events in the following ways:

  • Attending events organized to hand-deliver your company
  • Promotional material if you cannot attend can send your promotional material  a very low cost and the representative of the Association will deliver this material to the guests
  • Even if you do not participate in person or send material, our representative delivered to the participants a directory in which you will find the basic information of all partners to Pro imagen Costa Rica

2. Participate in the care of the familiarization trips organized after the visit to a market specific or at the request of an airline:

  • Offering the services of your company to be included in the itinerary of the Group  participating in Trade Shows held for the Group once they are in our country
  • Each visitor is you delivery a directory that includes all the basic information of the companies associated with Pro Imagen Costa Rica

3. Thanks to the signing of an agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worship, Pro image Costa Rica partners’ directories are distributed to the embassies and consulates of our country abroad

  • All the members of our group will be included in our Web site
  • Access to all databases that previously mentioned Pro image has brought together thanks to the Organization of events
  • Receive training provided by professionals in various fields who do not always have to do with tourism
  • Receive training on traditional and potential markets for Costa Rica

4. Promotion in our social networks.

5. Networking and business opportunities

6. Newsletter

Requisitos para procesar las aplicaciones:

1. Fill the application for incorporation. Applications will be returned without processing should be presented incomplete or unsigned.

2. You must attach to the application for affiliation, three letters of recommendation from any active member of Pro image Costa Rica which have a year or more than membership. As minimum 1 Hotel, 1 Agency and other services

3. Resume assigned by the company representative and the alternate representative must attach to the request. Representatives must be management level within the company.

4. The company must have three years of operation or the representative 2 years of being Pro image representative. 

5. Must be attached to the request a brochure or general company information.

Once the requirements listed in points 1, 2, 3 and 4 have been completed, requests of incorporation are processed in the following way:

a) Representatives must submit and request your company affiliation to Board of Directors

b) The Board of Directors meets and reviews each application and recommendations

c) When the request is approved/rejected by the Board of Directors, the person concerned shall be notified in writing

d) The process normally takes 1 week, once received complete information

6. Subsequent to the written confirmation of acceptance, new company/person associated must pay cash, dollars or colones, or via a check payable to: Association Pro image Costa Rica.

The membership fees are as follows:

Company membership

$400.00 Anual

Company membership

$600.00 Anual

Membership title staff

$400.00 Anual

The membership fee is USD $200.

Annual corporate membership $600.00 annual membership payments are made shaped half-yearly in advance.

About membership
Payment Commitment
  • The membership in the Association Pro image Costa Rica have three forms: By company, to personal and corporate title. 
  • The renewal of membership is not required while the associate is a day with their semester fees. 
  • Membership group Pro image Costa Rica is active, where partners are committed to work in committees to develop and carry out the objectives of the Association. Affiliated companies must be careful that its representative has executive range with power of decision. During the assemblies normally requires the
  • Approval of different projects and investments. As well as ensure punctuality in attendance at the different work committees. 
  • The representative designated by the company to attend the meetings must commit to having an active participation in the activities of the Association. In the event that the representative should be replaced, this change must be notified in writing.  

Undertaking to pay membership fees to the Group Pro image Costa Rica are firm.  

If any partner decides to retire, you must notify the Office in writing, 30 days in advance, since otherwise the account remains active and the economic obligation with the Association continues until the cancellation is effective.

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