About Us

Learn more about Pro Imagen and how we contribute to tourism in Costa Rica


The Pro Imagen Costa Rica Group seeks to create, improve, and strengthen Costa Rica’s image as a tourist destination through joint state-private enterprise promotional and public relation efforts in the different potential markets.

The Group’s efforts are made jointly, not individually, as coordinated efforts, which is the best reflection of the growing need in tourism to take urgent measures.

General Objectives

  • Consolidate and strengthen Costa Rica’s image in traditional markets such as the United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, and Italy.
  • Open new markets, promoting stable tourism throughout the year. For example: Chile, Colombia, Argentina, England, Portugal, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, and Mexico.
  • Provide support to educational seminars that will be offered in the target markets.
  • Achieve the lowest cost possible in reaching our goals.
  • Provide training to the tourism industry to improve and make the quality of service more professional.
  • Market Costa Rica as an attractive destination the year round.

Specific Objectives

  • Reconcile our objectives with the promotional work that the Costa Rican Tourism Institute does.
  • Assist the written press and television in preparing special programs about Costa Rica and provide follow-up.
  • Establish the appropriate mechanisms such as communications media that make it possible to monitor the spread of external and internal information.
  • Bring about more active participation by the Costa Rican embassies and consulates in relation to the activities that the Group holds in the priority markets.
  • Unify the advertising material to make it possible to identify Costa Rica as a destination with a broad array of attractions.
  • Prepare printed material to provide support to each of the presentations made by the Group.
  • Provide the support needed for “fam” trips to our target markets.
  • Actively participate in fairs, trade shows, workshops and other events.
  • Coordinate the details and logistics for the events in which the Group participates.
  • Find and manage financing.
  • Give seminars directed at the industry for a better understanding of how to open up new markets.

Historic Summary

n 1994, a group of entrepreneurial sales managers from different companies in the tourism industry in Costa Rica, concerned about the need to improve how Costa Rica is marketed as a tourist destination, took the initiative to dynamically join forces and resources.

The first meetings were attended by 10 executives in a setting full of friendliness and camaraderie where they shared experiences, techniques and information that would make them more professional in performing their respective duties.

They made a visionary bet on team work, on a team that would join the private sector with the state sector in an effort to achieve a sole objective: “Promote Costa Rica.”

With their sights set on this horizon, after scheduling multiple joint efforts and activities, the group continued to grow until there were 30 participants. At that time, the need to appoint a committee became clear. The committee would guide the group efforts and lead projects to benefit the country and all the participants.

In 1997, we became theAsociación Grupo Pro Imagen, and today we have 83 associates, representing the different sectors in the tourism industry such as: hotels, travel agencies, car rental agencies, tourism services, tourism advisors, etc.

Based on the Association’s bylaws, a Board of Directors is elected for a period of one year. The Board uses a work plan to bring together all the associates into commissions that work voluntarily to achieve the proposed objectives.

The contribution by the associates in Grupo Pro Imagen de Costa Rica is used to continue working on efforts to achieve more efficient and proactive marketing for our country to benefit the tourism industry.