Green Season in Costa Rica is not to be missed

Turtles in Ostional, photo credit yogabylauralucy


Turtles in Ostional, photo credit yogabylauralucy.

The Green Season is beginning in Costa Rica, and with it the vegetation comes alive, becoming even more lush and verdant.  Certainly, the rain is needed for this transformation, and some travelers feel weary about taking a holiday during the rainy season.  There are plenty of reasons to venture here May through November.  It´s less crowded and busy, you can get great deals on hotel stays and activities, and the temperature dips a bit, making for cooler weather.  Here are just some of the experiences that are even better during this season:

Leatherback turtle, image Wikimedia.

Leatherback turtle, image Wikimedia.

Turtle Season is here

Different species of sea turtles come nest in Costa Rica, on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

  • The Green Turtles nest June through October in Tortuguero, Nothern Caribbean.
  • The Leatherbacks nest on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts:The Olive Ridleys arrive on the Pacific side, mostly July through November.
    • Playa Grande in Guanacaste
    • Gandoca in Limon

Come chase waterfalls

The additional rainfall makes waterfalls even more forceful and powerful.  Costa Rica boasts waterfalls deep inside forests, close to the beach and everywhere in between.  Some of the most spectacular ones:

  • Rio Celeste Waterfall in Guatuso, Guanacaste
  • La Paz Waterfall in Alajuela
  • Bajos del Toro in Alajuela

Rio Celeste Waterfall, photo credit riocelestehideaway.

Rio Celeste Waterfall, photo credit riocelestehideaway.

White-water rafting

Costa Rica´s rivers have rapids to accommodate to all experience and adrenaline levels.  During the dry season, white water rafting may be a bit slower and bumpier due to lower water levels.  This all changes in the rainy season, and water is fast moving.  Stick to a level where you feel safe at, and your tour company will check the water rivers daily and make sure it’s safe before you embark on this wet adventure.

Pacuare White water rafting photo credit jorgediazjr.boxing

White water rafting on the Pacuare River,  photo credit jorgediazjr.boxing.

Limon is the exception to the rule

Costa Rica´s varied topography means seasons are different in each region.  The Caribbean Coast for example, is less rainy during the months of September and October than the rest of the year.  There is much to see and do, with lively music and culture in the coastal town of Puerto Viejo, turtle watching in Tortuguero and Gandoca-Manzanillo protected areas, and beautiful beaches to explore.

Tortuguero, Caribbean coast. Photo credit emmiepoo3

Tortuguero, Caribbean coast. Photo credit emmiepoo3

To enjoy the rainy season fully, start your day early and get in some sun and a swim before the afternoon showers.  Pack a light raincoat, an umbrella and comfortable all terrain shoes and sandals, waterproof your phone and camera with a simple zip-lock bag and you will be ready to enjoy it to the fullest.  Say “Pura Vida” Green Season here I come!


Article by Katie Widdowson